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Take Better Care of Yourself

Natrella makes self-care simpler and a little fun!

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We believe that...

Self-care Matters

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Natrella is your personal self-care companion.

Create your very own judgement-free space to express your thoughts, intentions and explore your inner world.

We make it possible to...

Practice self-care anytime, anywhere!

Simple self-care activities for you...


Be Grateful

What are you grateful for? Find joy and positivity as you practise gratitude more often!


Set Intentions

Become more purposeful about your life!


Affirm Yourself

Create & save your affirmations! Express your self-love and boost your confidence.


Celebrate Your Wins

Big or small - take a moment to be proud of your accomplishments!


Say Thank You

Let your people know that you appreciate them by sending thoughtful thank-you cards to them!


Reflect & Journal

Write down how you feel about your life and get in touch with your thoughts!

Step 1...

Pick a simple activity

What are you in the mood to do? Wherever you are, take some time to check-in with yourself in one way or another!

Step 2...

Express Yourself

Keep it short and sweet or long and deep - it's up to you! Add photos and stickers to really capture your moment!

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Step 3...

Revisit your moments anytime

Your space has all your moments. Look back to feel warm and inspired by the efforts you've made over time.

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Its Your Space...

Simple, Beautiful & Private!

Natrella is designed to be easy to use and private....

Easy to Use

It really is!

Encrypted Database

Your privacy comes first!

Custom Friendly

Set up your space as you like!

Start putting yourself first today...

Create a special place to connect with yourself more often! Download and get started today!

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Be kinder to yourself, start today with Natrella.

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