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Join Our Network

By making wellness accessible, affordable and practical for Africans, we can have an impact all over the world.

Let's do it together!

We're working with African wellness professionals - therapists, life coaches and general wellness coaches, we're ready for you!

With our network, you can...

Get Access To More...


Global Exposure

Africans are spread out across the world! Get direct exposure to a growing and targetted community that need your expertise.


Peer Support & Mentorship

Meet fellow professionals in wellness to share stories and experiences. We're stronger together!


Collaboration Opportunities

Facilitate workshops and events with the community and grow your reach.

How to Join


Step 1 🙋🏾‍♀️

Select a calendar slot. Meet the team on your selected date. Let's get to know you!

Step 3 🖼️

Get access to members only spaces, resources and activities. We will also begin building your profile for the app.

Step 2 🙌🏾

Select the membership plan & proceed to make your payment.

Step 4 🎉 

You're in! Get to know fellow members of the network and settle in!

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Be kinder to yourself, start today with Natrella.

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