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❤️ 4 Reasons To Prioritize Yourself 🤗

Growing up, it’s common to be taught that being selfless is of much greater importance than being selfish. And there’s a lot of truth to this statement. Being selfless is a good thing! However, the gospel of selflessness is preached and practiced in a way that can often be damaging. We’re supposed to give back to others, make sacrifices for the good of others and put others before ourselves, often regularly and consistently such that we don’t learn to also give back to ourselves, make sacrifices for our own good or put our needs and desires above others sometimes. The problem with this is that when we continually and regularly put others first, we end up living an unfulfilled, mediocre life. We can’t be our best selves if we’re constantly thinking of and investing in other people’s needs and happiness and ignoring our own.

Prioritizing yourself is important because if you don’t, you risk falling short of your goals, sacrificing your own happiness and living a lesser life at the expense of lifting others up. When you fail to prioritize yourself, you’re not treating yourself in the ways you deserve. Prioritizing yourself means allowing yourself the time and attention you need to focus on your needs, desires, wants, dreams and goals. It looks like giving yourself the same grace, compassion, kindness and understanding that you give to others. With all the pressure in this world, we don’t need to weigh ourselves down with more, give yourself a break. Here are four reasons to prioritize yourself in case that didn’t convince you enough.

1. You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup

If you’re not getting enough within your own life, how can you expect to give to others? You need to refill your reserves by resting, living a healthy life, clearing your mind and finding fulfillment and happiness. Only then, can you really give yourself, your time and resources to those around you.

2. When You’re Kind To Yourself, It’s Easier To Be Kind To Others

Kindness starts from within. You can’t show people kindness if you don’t know how it feels to receive kindness, especially from yourself. When you show yourself kindness by prioritizing your needs, standing up for yourself, chasing your dreams and spending time with people who value you and doing things that make you happy, it becomes easier to be kind to others and help them.

3. Loved Ones Get The Best Version Of You

When you prioritize yourself and your needs, you find happiness and peace. Consequently, your stress reduces which allows you to be more present & less irritable around your loved ones. In addition, you now have better resources to give to your loved ones.

4. You Know Yourself Better Than Anyone

No one knows, can meet and can communicate your needs better than you can. You know exactly where the itch is and how much pressure you need to feel relief. Prioritizing yourself means you meet your needs better.

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