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🥳 December Release on Natrella

In the spirit of celebrating small wins, we’re excited to share our latest updates to Natrella!

🎉 New Stickers!

Your self-care space is getting a little cuter. By adding more stickers, our hope is that you find more inspiration to express yourself and to make every moment special!

Check out the 24 new stickers added to the app under ‘Cuteness overload’ and ‘Feel Good’! The cute animals and positive-message badges are designed to add that sparkle, cuteness and personality to your self-care moments and space.

🎉 Express Yourself More!

Some of the feedback from our community is needing less restriction in the journal and wins activities. We heard you and have now increased the limits of each to 1200 and 400 characters respectively. This is a small change, but we hope it’ll have a major impact on your end!

🎉 New Journal Prompts!

Writing down how your day went can feel generic and dull - especially when you don’t know where to start. We’ve added a set of 4 new and simple prompts which can help you kick start your journaling each and any day you need to.

Got feedback?

We would love to hear how you’re finding this new release and any feedback you have on the app!

Feel free to share your thoughts through this form or send us an email at or send us a DM on Instagram!

Have a lovely January and look out for more updates coming soon!

As always, take better care of yourself!

Lots of love,

Team Natrella


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