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😩 Feeling Stressed? Here's what to do! ✨

Are you even living in this fast-paced world if you’ve not experienced stress? We feel you. With work, relationships, finances, increased cost of living, responsibilities and daily inconveniences, stress is a normal experience in life. Generally, stress is defined as your body’s response to a situation that requires attention or action. When left unchecked, stress can cause health problems such as headaches, sexual dysfunction, hair loss, lack of sleep, weight gain and more. Sometimes, stress can also lead to us taking on unhealthy habits as a means to try and cope.

So how do we manage stress? The first and best strategy would be to change the situation that’s causing you stress. However, we understand that sometimes this can be outside your control. So the next best solution is to change your response to the situation and your response to stress. Stress is your body’s way of telling you that you’re currently overwhelmed and that you need to take a step back and pause. Listen to your body and honor it by doing the things you need to take a breather. Here are some ideas of simple ways to manage stress and practice self-care during such times.

1. Drink Some Calming Tea

Adding tea to your relaxation routine is quite beneficial for calming stress. The simple act and intentionality of brewing yourself a cup of tea can help you slow down and check in with yourself which can help reduce stress, anxiety and help you feel more balanced. Tea actually has an amino acid called L-theanine that helps balance our mood. Theanine levels will definitely differ depending on a bunch of factors but regardless, different teas contain a number of beneficial ingredients that help us settle our minds and reduce stress on our bodies. So the next time you’re feeling a bit frazzled, try chamomile, mint, lavender, and rose teas to ease the stress.

2. Write Those Feelings & Thoughts Down

Journaling has so many benefits and among them is stress management and relief. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you feel in control of your emotions by helping you identify triggers, fears, concerns and thought patterns that may be causing you stress. We have some helpful journal prompts for anxiety and managing emotions on the Natrella App so hop on and take some time to reflect and journal.

3. Unplug

It's no secret that social media and technology add onto our daily lives by giving us pressure to keep up and being a constant reminder that we need to be doing something. So take some time off your screen and spend time resting & nourishing yourself. This can look like keeping your phone on DND during your first and last hours of the day (your morning & night routines) and turning off email notifications after COB.

4. Reconnect With Yourself

When you’re stressed, it might be helpful to spend some time with yourself to decompress and go back to things you enjoy. Find your old loves and interests and reconnect with yourself by doing these activities. Find the child in you and honor them in the activities you choose to do. Remember how it feels to just enjoy things for the sake of enjoying them.

Although stress is inevitable, we can manage it and create management routines and implement different coping strategies. You can take charge of your health and reduce the impact of stress by learning the signs of stress and burnout, and using these strategies to manage your stress.

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