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Welcome to Version 3 of Natrella! 📲

A new day has come to Natrella! 🎉

We’ve turned an exciting new page and can’t wait for you to join us!

Here are the latest app updates!

Welcome to your Self-Care Space!

You now have a home page that makes it much easier to move through the app and find what matters most to you at any given point.

And yes, it is super cute!

Find Support through our Wellness Partners

We all know how hard it can be to find the right wellness partner. It’s a little bit like dating - making sure the vibe checks out and that you can trust this individual takes time and money.

We want to make this easier.

There are amazing, qualified and objective professionals that we want members of the Natrella community to find whenever they may need to. These are people that we are proud to introduce you to because we vetted them and they’ve passed our vibe check!

Build your Self-Aware Profile

A big part of taking care of yourself is knowing yourself! How would you describe who you are? What are your love languages? We’re always changing so taking the time to identify and save these little bits of yourself matters.

Set your Theme!

Before this update, when you selected the theme of your timeline, it applied to the timeline alone. Now the theme has been spread out to even more parts of the app!

Enjoy the New Look!

The landscapes on your timeline now look a little different so they can enhance your space in a more subtle way!

Got feedback?

We would love to hear how you’re finding this new release and any feedback you have on the app!

Feel free to share your thoughts through this form or send us an email at or send us a DM on Instagram!

Start putting yourself first today...

Create a special place to connect with yourself more often! Download and get started today!

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