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Our Mission...

We're on a mission to help you take better care of yourself - as often as possible.

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Our Approach...


Simplify Self-Care

We de-mystify what it means to take care of yourself and provide tools to take action as often as possible.


Encourage Self-Awareness

Self-compassion is the heart of what we build. We aim to help you nurture a deeper understanding of yourself authentically.


Support The Journey

Everyone's journey is different. We acknowledge that and steer clear of shame and guilt inducing tactics.

We Believe In...



Break big ideas down into simple steps.



There's always more to learn and ways to improve.



Be brave to try something new and to keep showing up.



We're stronger together, always.



Keep your word and do the right thing for our community.



Own your stuff and take it to the next level.

Our Journey..

We're breathing more life to Natrella every day!

🙏🏾 Be Grateful & 🙌🏾 Say Thank You

Always appreciate the little things!

💛 Affirmations & 🎉 Wins

Keep yourself motivated!

🌱 Set Intentions

Build a life on purpose.

📖 Reflect & Journal

Explore your inner world and dreams.

🥰 Self-Expression

New stickers & more space to journal.

🫅🏾🫅🏾🫅🏾🫅🏾🫅🏾🤴🏾👸🏾 V1 of the Self-Aware Profile

Get to know yourself more with love languages!

More to come.

Stay tuned!


Join Us!

We're looking for passion and drive!

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Life gets better with a bit of self-care every now and then. We're here to make that happen!

We’re a small team, with a big dream. We look for and love working with fellow dreamers, creators, builders, and supportive teammates!

Check out our careers page for openings and an opportunity to join our mission!

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